Being married to your business partner is a challenge but we found out that if you give 100% to each other every day, the business side just works itself out.
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You won’t find this down home Texas girl wasting her time, searching endlessly for shortcuts to her entrepreneurial success, and you certainly won’t find her shying away from a challenge.  Monica’s artistic curiosity, imagination and love for her craft is second to none.  There is a piece of her heart in every frame of her photos, her drive and determination to make people happy isn’t a cliché,  it is genuine – Monica Linda Photography is more than a passion, it is her destiny. 

Monica doesn’t have a single customer, she has relationships.  Her love of photography borders on obsession, she craves the hustle and she deeply cares for every relationship in her life, she will risk everything to be creative.  Being an entrepreneur affords Monica the opportunity to take risks, she embraces her destiny, she isn’t afraid to be better than the day before. #inthearena #girlboss #ownit.

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At first glance you wouldn’t know Shell was a typical East Coast hustler shamelessly determined to accomplish her goals by any means.  The California sun has suppressed most of brashness and she is fitting in quite nicely in her Pasadena digs.  After a decade of year round sunshine, Shell radiates like a refined, LA woman, but don’t let the polished, high-class look fool you, I promise you will eventually need something from this girl.  

With her heart on her sleeve and integrity to spare, Shell is famously considerate and if you are lucky enough to be tapped as her friend you will see firsthand what unconditional love is really like. Shell is highly motivated as she begins the process of channeling and focusing her talents and embracing this new entrepreneurial spirit, fulfilling her dream of being a business owner!  Co-founder/owner along side her wife!  Monica's the photographer and Shell's the muscle behind the operation in true east coast fashion!