Women branding photography

You made the leap. You decided to start something you have been waiting for all your life. Now what? I get it ladies, I was in the same place.  And the first step is to start story telling. Right at the beginning. 

Why did you make the leap?

Why did you choose a path that is so tough and exciting at the same time?

Trust me when I say, I GET YOU! I want to share my story with you and I have been exactly where you are! Not only am I the photographer, but I have stood where you stand today.

The Boss Lady Sessions are designed to photograph the Work & Love you sacrificed everything for. I mean EVERYTHING!

 If you are ready to be seen, I mean really seen.

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Candice Martina | Goingforgoddess.com

She is obsessed with helping women transform their lives from the inside, out.

"Little rebel rise up, go and rise up and make us proud.

You only got 1 shot. You better run for your life. You better run for your life." Lyrics from Mako-Run

This is it babes! We have to make it count. Don't waste a minute living a life that doesn't make you come alive. #dreamchasers


Lana shlafer | LANASHLAFER.COM

From where Lana stood 10 years ago, it seemed completely impossible for her to live a life of ease, feeling head over heels in love with herself and with life.

Now she wakes up with a deep sense of trust and love. 

Her inner wisdom guides her in every way.

She goes to sleep with waves of satisfaction washing over her, in infinite appreciation of all the elements of her life that make it so extraordinary and meaningful."



I work with women like you ready to raise their energetic vibration (faster than you can say M-A-N-I-F-E-S-T)!

It’s less about feeling at home in a specific location… but instead tapping into a deep knowing that no matter where you land in life that you’re ready to answer when your Dream Life comes a ringin’.



I have been there and now I am here to help you reconnect to the core of your inner desires, release those nasty negative beliefs and get you moving into action by creating the passion-fueled life you were always meant to live. 

You believe you’re meant to live big  – but have no clue how to make it happen.  Seriously: If you’ve got an urge you can’t shake to just DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY but can’t seem to make it a reality – I get it.