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Four Individuals & Shared Creative Direction

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Photographing business owners and entrepreneurs such as myself, is more than a job, it’s a responsibility. First impressions; how a business showcases its product and how the staff reveals its brand to the public is vital to their success.  As a photographer I take pride in the success of my client’s business, their professional achievements and their public image.

After sitting down with the creators of Pure Wax Studios; Mandy, Lucy, Emily and Roly I got the sense that individually they could have had their own exclusive and brilliant career, however banding together, creating their own salon, they truly have formed something extraordinary.  An urban backdrop and the Pasadena skyline seemed like a perfect location to showcase how exceptional and in sync these individuals really are, four independent minds equally contributing to a distinct shared creative direction, there was something familiar about this group!  I knew I wanted a shoot that was iconic something with a rock and roll feel, after all Mandy was wearing a Pink Floyd T-shirt!  Shooting this group was fun and refreshing; they allowed us the liberty to take creative direction while shooting them in their livelihood.

As a loyal client myself, I am excited, honored and motivated to share their story as well as their vision. Pure Wax isn’t your average run-of-the-mill day spa, these fearless bands of risk-takers promise to work in harmony and change your outlook and expectation when it comes to your trip to the salon. Each one an artist, each inspired through creativity and bound by their unconventional personal attention to their clients and to their craft – this salon is fueled only by their reputation, motivated by one vision, you.

Hopefully these photographs not only capture their personalities but make you think of another group of four imaginative dreamers who combined forces and changed their industry forever.  Ever hear of Abbey Road, the red and blue albums?! Embracing their uniqueness and capturing their individual personalities, how they reinforced and inspired one another for a common goal was all too easy.

Pure Wax Studios:

Shot on location: Old Town Pasadena, Green St. and roof top Regency Studios Pasadena.

Equipment used: Icelight

 Camera's used: Nikon D810, 24-70 mm & 70-200 lens & Sony A7R-ii, 55 mm lens

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