More than Spouses...

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We are more than spouses or even co-founders, we are each other’s personal cheerleaders and each other’s biggest advocate.  Being a couple for twenty years it was pretty simple to identify each other’s strengths and weaknesses, we embrace our differences and leverage them accordingly as it relates to running our business.  Being married to your business is a challenge but we found out that if you give 100% to each other every day the business side just works itself out.  We always try our very best and then the next time we do it better.  We formed a relationship, then a marriage and now we are building a business together. 

New to my website but certainly not new to my business; introducing my wife, my co-creator and the only one I would take this journey with.  She cheers me on when I feel like I can't make it? She is a hustler at making my dreams come true. My #1 fan! 

Her name is Shell, not Michelle. Jesus help us all if we don't call her by her nickname. Because she is the loyalist person I have ever met, she is the best friend you have always dreamed about, she has a heart of gold and is the 1st person you call when you need help. She defies all the rules of what it means to average, she is exceptional, she puts "hipsters" to shame with her style, she is the love of my life, like of my whole life, I have loved no one more than her. Don't worry I won't keep her all to myself, because when you work with me, she comes with the package. You will love her from the moment you say hello. I promise.

I am so lucky to be doing something I love with someone I love!

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